80100 direct cooling

I was thinking for an easy stand that you could quickly attach and take apart. I couldn’t come up with a good idea.

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yes… with the weight of the board, it’s a pain to attach the foil… i was thinking tall sawhorses may be… that photo tripod thing work great to hold it, bot not stable enough when trying to attach the foil…


I don‘t care that much about the surface of my board, so I just flip it around to work on the bottom. Everything has to be secured in place though.

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I do the same… with pad on the deck, you’re not scratching anything, expecially on sand or grass! Inserting mast under the board it’s not easy with my track system

regarding pad… What did you use?

i’m so happy with my paint job, i didn’t want to hide it so i’m waiting to receive that: https://waal.co/
i’ll put feedback if it does the job :slight_smile:

I use thin eva pad, 2mm thick, for dingy and cathamarans.

Such a good looking board mate, nice work. Look forward to the movie.

Board’s almost ready to hit the water…
finally installed the “anti slip” thing… i don’t know if it works well, but for sure it looks good!


Congrats! So sick man

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Amazing work!! Do you plan to pull the batteries out? Or charge them through the port hole? What sort of electronics did you pack in front?

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There are 2 separate electric bays: one for the batteries and one for the electronics
I’ll have to take the batteries out for now to charge them, it’s closed with bunch of screws, i might add a second hatch later on to access the batteries without unscrewing the Plexiglas.

Below is the electronic package, being assembled, not all connected yet:
same components as for the prototype, but i replace the power analyzer by a 350A TK15 Professional Precision Battery Tester. I didn’t power it on yet.
and i’m still wondering if i leave the water cooling on all the time or only when the temperature of the ESC pass a certain threshold.

What reason do you have for removing the sensor from the motor? Doesn’t the ESC rely on feedback from the sensor in order to drive the motor more efficiently?

Wicked build Mat congratulations! are the containers 3D printed?

Post a ride video as soon as you’ve got one!!

The sensor doens’t seem 100% necessary, most ESCs i saw were not made to handle sensors.
But most importantly i didn’t want to have to manage the connection and waterproof all those extra wires.

The boxes are made of plywood and lot of fiberglass.
On top of the 2 visible boxes, there’s a 3rd one hidden inside the board that house the wire connection to the mast (simple bullet connectors for now, and may be a 3d printed all in one connector later)

The idea is to have all the stress from the mast transferred along the board via this box, that’s why I didn’t bother adding a stringer.

Water test planned for the weekend if i managed to tie the last lose ends during the week…
quick video will come as soon as it flies, but i have footage of the whole build for a longer movie afterward.


I wonder if you can make something like this yourself? Some soft but clear polyurethane mixed with Aerosil and using foam texture roller, or even thick silicone with some filler?

I saw online some people using spay bed liner or wooden deck anti-slip paint.

the big question are: will it become grippy or slipery with water? and will it hurt your knees or wetsuit?

My standard Fanatic windsurf board grip hurts my wetsuit like nothing else, it is like legit sandpaper. So maybe this is a trade off that is necessary :smile:

Hi Mat

Nice board. Do you make alone or it is a Brand?

I’m looking some board but not lucky. I was thinking to buy a crude board (in italiano is grezzo) to work on but I didn’t find.

Anybody can help me to buy a board to make alone to give the right shape?

board is made from scratch, it’s very similar to making a surfboard with some strength added in the right place.
I found the big pieces of polystyrene in a place that make polystyrene fake cakes… :slight_smile:

after that: a hot-wire to cut it make it easier, and then it’s like making a surfboard…