Buying a selfmade efoil

Very nice looking prop! Are you planning on using these with a duct (safety purposes) ?
Are you willing to sell these?

Hi, is your efoil still to sell ?

Thanks for your return.



sory is SOLD :frowning:


Somebody in the neighbourhood of holland already or thinking about selling a reliable efoil?

This is Korea.
There is no one who enjoys surfing.
I plan to make my own board.
This site is a great help
I want to buy parts

Motor, esc, battery, what parts to add ??

To reproduce the above video.
Please give me a list of additional parts.

Thank you
I want the safety of everyone

@jea_young_lee Look at this thread, there is a link to the BOM.
Also please start an own thread if you want to ask questions that are unrelated to the topic.

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Hey. I have one Efoil. Complete setup like Hiorth brothers v1. If you are still interested send me message

Hey guys! Been a while since i have been here. Still looking for a complete efoil for a reasenable price. Been thinking about a rental business, but realy want to try it for myself first.

Anyone selling their DIY efoil in the Netherlands or germany close to the Netherlands?

You can send me a mail with price and info


What is a reasenable price?

I mean, my board is worth in parts over 2k, and:
plenty of hours buildtime and even more hours readingtime :smiley:

If you say: here you have 5k€, i would say, give me your Adress, I’ll deliver it for you

Look up Hisun efoils. People in the US are selling them for $6,000 which means they must wholesale for much less.

I haven’t been able to find much information about them but they look fine in the videos on YouTube. Would be nice to hear someone’s first-hand experience with them though, especially someone knowledgeable from a forum like this.

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Hi Sun board Air Delivered to Europe (Ireland) is €4100.

If you got 9 more people, they can ship them in a container to a port in France and the price works out at $2380 per unit but minimum shipping of 10 units at a cost of $550 so if you have $25000 you can have 10 units to sell in europe.

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Don’t forget you will get charged customs as well. Or at the very least VAT.


That’s a really good price, did you contact them directly through Alibaba?

@Linzio , there’s one major negative about the Hisun board that I forgot to mention: It doesn’t use a trigger for the throttle. Instead it has Up and Down buttons. I would be a little worried about what happens when you fall since the ankle killswitch may not always cut power quickly enough.

I would prefer a throttle so you can simply let go when you fall, but I can’t find any details about the Hisun controller so I don’t know if it would be easy to replace.

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For rental these boards need to be super safe. But before i wil try to start a rental business i want to try it for myself. So multiple buy is not yet an option. Hoping someone is building a newer version and selling the old one or something like that. But thanks for thinking!

Ultimately for a rental situation you want quality and repair options. That means you do not want to be tethered to China for support. One option may be the Takuma board as there are dealers in Europe. Its in the 6000euro range. You’ll get what you pay for, and if thats cheap, then support will most likely be lacking.

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Depending on the communication method, it may be relatively easy to swap the controller for something with a throttle trigger – it’s certainly worth investigating given the extremely affordable price point mentioned above. Worst case scenario: you have to swap the whole ESC and receiver, but that’s only a few hundred bucks per board.

Anyone running a rental business will need to be able to make minor modifications and repairs themselves, otherwise you’ll lose too much money to downtime and repair fees.

If you want 100% ready, maintenance-free boards I think you’re pretty much stuck with Lift and Flite for now (maybe Flying Rodeo if they have anything in stock), but those run $11,000+ each. Their batteries are also extremely expensive at $3,000+ each, and a rental company will need many spare batteries to keep board utilization high.

I didn’t know the takuma had been released. Is it only for sale in Europe or are there any US dealers?

It’s still on pre-order. I don’t know about the States, Lift will probably block it from coming there.

Have they blocked other companies from selling boards in the US?

I didn’t think it was possible to get a patent for what is essentially “We took [thing] and added a motor”.

Edit: Now I see the issue: The history of weight shift controlled electric hydrofoils

Sounds like Lift licensed that bogus patent and will use it to scare away any potential competition. I hope someone takes them to court, the Evolo project is clearly prior art and there’s absolutely nothing novel about a foilboard that turns by shifting your weight (I remember seeing those being towed behind ski boats back in the 1990s).

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I have been thru this patent stuff multiple times due to my nature of job. Anyone can win this in any court in the US.
They have a patent fro their remote! imagine if someone else makes waterproof BLE based remote for any other device technically is violating their patent. This is just setting the bar higher and delaying market entrance for new players with small capital