China Efoil on alibaba

Saw this one pop up when I was looking at some foils on alibaba.

Doesn’t look like it exists yet… but interesting!

It will be ship at July, price is cheap but the quantity is well
and i know the good is design by Hong Kong

I dont know…last pic has different hydrofoil to the rest. What are you actually getting?

Also, says nothing about control or shows nothing anyway. Price isn’t bad if youve got it and it’s real though :rofl::rofl:

Another similar link from the same company that has a slightly more info. 6p 18650 batteries, 24km per charge…

Likely just made up numbers, probably waiting for the design to get done by someone else.

i see this 4 months ago, its all renderings. Don’t think they actually have anything functional yet…

Can you give us more details?

Im in contact with Lee, I want to import this to Argentina…
He told me that will have them in july 2018… lets wait…test and decide…
We at Peahi will love to get this type of toys to sell down here
if anyone have any alternative just hit me please.


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Really?Design by hong hong?

Sorry, no more detail, just waiting their conference at July

seem some hong kong in the design group with ejack

Our factory have already can available. as far as now ,we are the only one in china can make this products

hi Lisa

Could you send us more details about the board ? the remote ? top speed ?


Could you leave us your contact info such email.

My contact info:
Personal facebook : Lisa Lu

Together, we make it better. :slight_smile:

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