Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?

Maybe router a channel up the side of the mast and then carbon fibre/glass over it?

I have contact JNJ , carbon mast is not hollowed. he advise me to go on aluminium mast.
But i dont like his foil with aluminium mast .
I asked him to sell separatly aluminium mast and front/rear carbon wing. He is not interested.

in my case i will focus on seconf hand foil.

I bought this one. The quality is pretty nice!

The price was 350€ in total with 2 masts (hollow)

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That looks good, do you have the link for it? Cheers

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I was wondering if that had actually arrived. What was the shipping time like? Do you have any more pictures of it? I would be interested to know if they would ship just the wings.

Shipping time was 20 days and yes it actually arrived.

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superlefax, which of these foils did you purchase? I assume one of the windsurfing ones?

I bought the Kitesurf foil

Is it heavier than a liquid force foil? And what do you think about the quality of the construction now that you have it? Seems to be a nice solution!

Why the kite over the sup ?

The sup foil has to much lift. The Kite foil hast a good compromise between lift and end Speed. Look at my Video @ YouTube

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Nice i can wait to see is it really working looks preety stable. Only concern is to hide wire inside.

I wish I had more time to practice :wink: It’s bloody cold in Germany right now.


$230 US with hollow aluminium mast.

At that price, I’m going to give it a go. Is a 65cm mast long enough? Front wing area seems to be enough

Any thoughts or red flags?

@smarm : I bought two masts. One 65cm long for practicing and one 90cm long for the final design. Don’t forget to use the TradeAssurance!

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This is a rebuilt chinese foil (more or less all foils are built there I guess?)… changed the fuselage.

Works really well :slight_smile: loads of lift . Would go for windsurf foil to get sufficient lift.


@Hiorth: Pretty nice picture, btw! But if you have to much lift the prop will come out of the water earlier and you have a lower top speed. Or am I wrong? What did you paid for your foil?

Wow, i am from Norway too, love your work. Can you post where you bay this.
Takker på forhånd Aslak

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400$ for foil. You can adjust the lift by tilting the board. At too speed you just have to rikt the board slighlty forward. Works like a charm, will post some video soon:)

Super high speed would require a smaller foil;)

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