Flipsky or Maytech. What to go with?

For the one’s interested by the Flipsky 200A FSESC who haven’t bought it yet, there is also this source at a different price : 190usd

What is your prop and what will be your 200A FSESC settings in water ?
For memory purpose, here are @V_S ones with a 80100 outrunner motor:
Battery Current max 80A, Motor Current max 130A, FOC mode.

This 80100 is a different motor but compatible with @Jezza’s currents values collected for his Maytech 120KV with a 12s battery.

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So then all products I mentioned in first and second message from Flipsky is perfect solution as far as I understand. Could you tell what battery configuration is best for this build?

Well, the VESC has different BLDC modes and configurable variable timing (linear ramp with respect to rpm).
Still most people use the VESC in FOC mode, because it is more quiet, more efficient and smoother. No current Flier Hardware is able to do FOC (yet).
So there wont be any nice parameters to share. At least not for ESC tuning.

I have not reached the point yet to think about this. I am in the middle of board build. At the moment I just have the Yamaha 3.5 ps prop (advertised from maytech on their side back in the days) which I bought on eBay for couple of bucks. If the system will work properly I will probably go for FR prop. For settings in water I might align with @V_S.

Hi @efoilbuilsmylife

could you share some pics of your build?


Take care man, I am not an admin but you look like a Maytech spy agent. You say out loud Maytech is the best but when someone asks you for a simple question about your build we get no response at all ?
Spamming the threads with unverified statements is dangerous… We are trying to build and learn, not to be pushed to buy something.


Maytech is an expensive solution, with unfinished products, whether motor, ESC or remote control.


I am kinda thinking the same thing about @efoilbuilsmylife

He is raving about the maytech system and hasn’t posted his build or replied to questions about his build.


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did it work?

What kv is recommended and why? there are 100kv 120kv and 190kv