Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries - Info for DiYers

Supernova, a French company about to be launched in December 2019, has tested and opted for a ground braking battery technology called LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxyde) or lithium titanate. Here we can talk about the pros and cons of such batteries that look really promising.

More info: Lithium-titanate battery - Wikipedia - Toshiba LTO technology is called SCiB.
A good information site (2015 though): All About Batteries, Part 12: Lithium Titanate (LTO) - EE Times. This article in its comment area introduces the ‘burn rate’ definition that is completely underestimated today for current batteries:

  • Li-Ion batteries have a charge cycle number commonly admitted at 300 cycles before reaching 80% of initial capacity. Cost of a charge cycle for LIFT = 3500USD retail price / 300 charge cycles= 12USD + electricity
  • LiFePo batteries have a charge cycle commonly admitted at 900-1000 cycles
  • LTO batteries, 5000 to 20.000 cycles depending on manufacturer figures (Leclanché 20k cycles)

The low weight / burn rate (cost of ownership) / charge time seems to make those batteries the most suited for any efoil owner especially rentals.

Here’s the size of a 42AH cell thats only 2.3V (5S makes 12V in video)
Can’t wait to see their efoil the size of a boat…

In an 18650 form factor, LTO cells have half the mAH and half the Voltage compared to Li-ion. Li-ion will destroy them for efoil use!

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I agree with @Jezza. And weight alone would make it unfeasable

I saw those batteries early this year I think, but couldn’t find any good review yet. The performance are just claimed, not proved yet…

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