Mono body/fuselage Concept

A concept. Please feel free to challenge and critique the approach of the concept.

Sketch of a mono body, incorporating the motor and duct into the structure to support the foils.

Carbon fiber for the plate-like support elements.


the large amount of water going over the rear foil could cause small movements to be amplified, and it could cause a lot of vibration and strain.

all the same its beautiful.
ask the guy from fliteboard, his design is down this road.

cheers, David.

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Building something siMillar now. Will post in a few days. :slight_smile:


Less is more. Why have the front foil below the nacelle that connects to the mast. Build the cone onto the trailing edge. At the rear behind the nozzle, there’s an advantage to water flow over a foil if it is assymetrical… At speed I don’t think you need the extra lift, it’s just drag, so you’d have to defend that design, and similarly, there’s stress concentrated at the bottleneck a just before the prop.

Can you defend the dihedral or the low aspect wings? I know it looks cool. Ducts suck and should be kept minimal unless you are going for bollard pull, accelerating duct etc.

Cool cad though. Kudos for the shiny cad work.

I’ll defend :grin: the Rice nozzle, it is an exact Rice cross section for less drag than a Kort type. Thinking down the line for a commercial product that has to have safety aspects of a protected prop. So it can either be a non-dynamic cage or a functional shape, just exploring the available technology now.

The wings because of lower speed and like the look of the Takuma Concept, they will not be able to reach the higher speeds, so they will get swapped out.

Thanks on the rendering compliment, we have brought a lot of concepts to production over the decades and this is the quickest way to bang out a sketch in a few hours by moving all of the parts around. This will be one of probably dozens of configurations that we explore before narrowing down. Appreciate the feedback!

Hi, like your idea, i was thinking of what about putting the rear wing into the duck. whith a classic wing profile, the wing vill lift even more, cos of mutch more wather wil pass the wing, cos of the prop, so the size kan be smaller. just an idea, hope you anderstand my bad engles. hope you can comment the idea. Great work btw.


Why run a rear wing? There have been model planes made with a duct tail. They work great. With out the extra horizontal you reduce some drag to help make up for the drag of the duct.


Awesome reduction of elements idea, like a torpedo tail! As per Flex’s wing, the stators aft of the impeller could have the right degree of incline lift direction to function as the wing, or adjustable winglets.

Round two, modular wings plug into tip. 80mm motor, carbon fiber rear shaft extension.


Me like, look at your torpede pic, maybe you kan make wings(symmetric) to support the duct, just a thought.
Why have you moved the motor and front wing forward?
Great work.

Looks great! Wish I had these CAD skills …

Agreeing with Flex, why move the front wing forward? Remember, the foil generates all of the lift. With this design there will be huge forces on the two joints.

Suggestion: front part should only include mast, front wing, front fusselage. Then mounted behind that the motor plus duct/prop, rear part of fusselage.

Kudos for sharing and promoting this exchange of ideas!

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What feels right about a middle location of the mast is a balance between the leverage, mounting to a junction instead of directly to the motor container saves a custom extrusion. Currently using the foil kitesurfing convention of about 65 CM of keel body length. An aluminum tube of the diameters we are using can take the forces without a problem.

Here is a model with a forward mast and everything extending toward the rear. Still keeping a modular wing possibility. I don’t like the leverage as much on this.


If you have enough stable front witn you dont need a rear stabalizer, we can ride the levitaz cruizer wind without rear wing for example

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what if you make the forward grey piece a little longer and move the mast back. This would mean the grey piece takes most of the vertical load and is directly attached to the mast and the forward foil. A good design.
Then the motor can attached to the grey piece. Should be easy to waterproof… Then the Fusselage a little shorter.

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Wow, me like, awesome design skills, you are getting there. Very
impressed. Like that you are so open for suggestion. Great work,

Top notch concepts… thanks for sharing!

im glsd domonrs having a ctack with nozzles.
Kort and Rice nozzles both use simualr venturi effect theories. cant compress wster!
Rice gies a step futher internally with aerifoil profile creating pressure duffernces to produce thrust.
great low speed effeciency thrust incrrase.
until you reach maximum effeciency. then it. stalls out or no longer in limits
both ecxellent tech. at lower speeds.
i believe a ducted prop cowling wuth it inctease cross section still out perfirms nozzles at higher end speed
I do love the concept and desingn