Motor Slipping and Stopping ESC OR MOTOR FOULT?

Hi so i just started my new project which is an Esurfboard which looks like this:

(The wood is only for testing):joy:

In the future i want to attach the system to my Foil. But i got a strange problem with my System now. It is showen on my yt video:

As shown i tested my setup at 6s and had with the old ESC no problems, but the new one is not working correct. With my 14s battery i have the exact same problem.

Had anyone the same problem?
Get again a diffrent ESC? —> if so pls recommend me one
Should i get a new Motor setup?

Hello had the same issue with a 6374 when timing was too low, after putting 20 it was perfect.what is your motor kv and esc timing ?

esc timing was 15 20 and 30 always had the same issue motor kv is 147 motor is in yt video description

The link you provided is a 192Kv motor. Try to start it very slow to understand what is the issue. Try to measure the phase current, e.g. by a current clamp. I think it is much too high phase current and the ESC recognizes and switches off. Try again with 6s, 14s will produce even higher phase currents provocating early shut off. Would be interesting to know which other ESC models you tried. 110A specified current is much too low and you want one with water cooling. Some ESC monitor the voltage drop through the Transistors and if they heat up very quickly it could explain the behaviour.
To keep the phase currents in a tolerable region you need an ESC with true phase current control like a large VESC and to drive it efficiently you need a motor with less Kv, around 100 or even less has been proven good. Try the APS6384PG 100Kv, it was designed for this special purpose.

With 6s my setup druw up to 90amps with 14s up to 60amps(Battery limited at amps)
I am searching direct drive setup and i hope your motor is working. Is this motor waterproof? And do you think it is working with this ESC?
ok so thank you and what do you think about that one:

It seems that suitable motors need to provide a minimum of 9N.m. which is not the case of this 56115.
It should be interesting to wait a few more weeks because @Peter, @Eileen from Mayech and @Bender with his 71130 will soon release the figures of their first independant test results of their first waterproof inrunner motor.

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This was my first ESC, and i had some (but not so much) success with a 130Kv motor very similar to yours. It has some protection, but as the water cooling stopped it died within few minutes. The 6384PG 100Kv comes in the same manner as the motor you are using. You need to invest some hours to make it last in salt water though. It has much more torque at lower current than your motor. Try this or larger outrunners if you like to thighten surfaces and avoid rotating tightenings. You should swap bearings, but for a first try, just do it.
If you want to keep the motor, go for very high current water cooled ESC and reduce battery to 8s with higher capacity. Keep all leads very short and thick. You will need to pay attention to all electric connections even more carefully than we do.

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ok thanks @SoEFoil
so ok i will try a new outrunner now but how can i make it saltwaterproof?
Or should i go for an inrunner with a gearbox?

Try the search function of this forum, like “direct outrunner waterproof” .

Here is the reference guide : Waterproofing 80100 electric motors by Mat

Quoted by @Mat himself in his own thread with 390 posts

Mark @smith69085 has a very detailed and recent application of this guide with plenty of pics Build from England - 80100 windsurf conversion

You might like reading @PowerGlider thread with 290 posts: Direct drive outrunner with direct water cooling

@PowerGlider i have the esc now and ordered the 80100 motor (hope that works) . But I have problems programming it. I have the programming card but it won’t work. I attached the program card to the shorter cable which comes out of the esc. It only beeps (that it accepted the setting ) when I set it to plane or heli mode. Can you help me or should I send it back and get a flyer 400 or something similar ? Thanks