Naples, Florida Build(s) + DIY eFoil board(s) for the community

@nice2cu Flipsky mast clamps added to this post.

Back -
Front -

@jakebarnhill1 propellers added to this post.

140mm 3 blade, high pitch (not tested by me):

130mm 3 blade (not tested by me):

Cap for @jakebarnhill1 130mm & 140mm props:

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Grabcad 8mm to 11m cable gland in Fusion native format added to this post.


@noahark someone told me you have a battery box to share

Eppler 817 Front Wing added to this post. Not tested by me…

Please let me know if you have an interest in one of these.

Here are some pictures of the 48 carbon. This version is 100% carbon fiber construction, made with 4 molds - top mold, bottom mold, enclosure, and lid. Inside the empty areas is 2lb density poured polyurethane foam, which gives it a stiff, robust feel. All in (board + lid + latches) it weighs 13 lbs (5.9 kg). It’s 48" (122cm) x 24" (55.8 cm) x 4" (10.16) and has approximately 72 liters of volume.

The enclosure has a max width of 14" and max length of 21". As you can see it’s curved and there is ample room for a 14s14p battery box in the center of the enclosure. The enclosure takes up the majority of the board and provides support throughout. The nose of the board is open, so an antenna can be run to keep it above the waterline. Once a battery & vesc box is in place, there’s still room for iphone, sunglasses, change of clothes at the nose of the board…

The bottom of the board is made up of 5 layers of carbon fiber and has aluminum t-slotted framing rails infused to the mast area, allowing for the placement of the mast to be adjusted. This version has the mast fixed to 11" (27.94cm) from the back of the board, with a 160mm standard hole pattern. A small hole is in place the motor cabling to pass through the top of the mast. The hole could be enlarged if required.

This version has 4 latches to secure the lid in place, with Mold Star 30 seal to create a 99% watertight enclosure. The Perko latches used are 100% waterproof. There are 4 slots in the walls of the board, to allow for cam latches to hook into the board.

More pictures and video to follow!


Everyone will want to know price…

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Fully loaded carbon construction, clear coat (or solid color), waterproof latches, & traction pad is approximately $2k.

Beautiful board! Looking forward to seeing the video and more pics.

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Thanks for that. I was beginning to think it was an ugly duckling!

I started to make these 3d files for props to manufacture, then got side tracked on building boards. So I might as well publish them. You can probably determine what props they are based off of. A couple of forum members assisted me in the process (thanks).

Neither of these are printed or tested. Both need refinements. I’m publishing them to get some feedback and assistance.

3 blade prop

Folding prop


Yes, beautiful boards and great attention to detail. I am excited to get mine and patiently waiting. I look forward to writing a review on it. I am working in the meantime to get my first build together. Will start a build thread soon.


Here’s a mounting plate I built in Fusion. I think it’s liquid force mast profile, but don’t hold me to it:

Me too, the boards look so nice that I ordered three. All 48 size, CF. One for me and two for my friends. Can’t wait to get them and start building. I’ll bring mine to Finland with me when I move back there from the US so we get more Finnish builds as well. Gotta compete with the Swedes :wink:

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Yes it does look so nice.
Just not sure how it will perform as a jetboard.
Also. I would hate to put a jigsaw into it to cut the needed hole for the jets.

Very nice! Structurally how do you make bottom?

There’s a bottom mold, which allows me to make the bottom piece, separate from the top piece & the enclosure piece. Poured PU foam, along with the walls of the enclosure create support inside the overall board.

Is that what you meant?

Here I’ve made a first attempt at a Sharrow prop. It’s not tested, vetted, or anything like that. If anyone has an interest in pushing the design in one direction or the other, let me know.


Nice work! Is this for the 12mm 65161 shaft?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a very rough draft, intended for the Flipsky 65161 12mm threaded shaft.