Newbie here, need some help starting out

Hello to everyone, finally I managed to register in your awesome comunity.

Anyways, i would like to start building my board soon, so ots finished for next summer.
I searched for a bit on the classifieds in germany,croatia and italy but i cant seem to find anything good.
Im from Croatia, and believe it or not as much sea we have here, no one rides these boards.
Anyways, i am pretty good on making stuff, and have a lot of experience with carbon fiber and mostly fiberglass. That would be the easy part. Can someone point me in the right direction as to propulsion? I dont know which motor to get, and also i dont have a 3d printer so cant print anything.
Also, would it be possible to use a kiteboard instead of building a board from scratch?
Hopes lay in your help, thanks.


Hi BlackDavid I too am wondering in your requests I call from Italy it is more accurate from Florence I have been writing for a year to this forum and I am trying to understand how to build it but I too expect more precise indications and we hope that someone can answer your requests … I too am waiting for someone to reply soon and thank you for this announcement

Where in Croatia are you located? I am from Villach in Austria maybe not to far? I have. Printer and lathe…

Im in Umag, about 4 hours from villach. Do you think you could print me the parts for the thruster? Obviously im paying

Check your inbox. I am from croatia too :slight_smile:

Anyone that did a board from an old kitesurf or wakeboard?

When I am back from holiday we can talk about printing

In your oppinnion would this be a good starting point?

The thickness of the board seems low to integrate a Box…what is the volume in liter of your board…after I am not an expert…

I dont have a board right now, so anything cheap would help so i dont have to do the board from scratch. I think ill find a windsurf board for now, a smaller 5.8 feet one and use that instead. Using math, i would need about 150L of board, since i’m 95kg+30x1.1= 150-ish, to be sure…

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Also, another question.
I have seen a lot of builders here use that SSS 56114 motor, can i use it direct without gearbox, and could it witstand salt water? I would give it the epoxy treatment inside for sure, and also waterproof the connections,also wash it with fresh water after every ride, but since i dont have a 3d printer it would be much easier that trying to waterproof it, and print a thousand different pieces.
Also, could i use an outboard motor propeller?

The problem is its speed too high so not enough thrust… so we put a gearbox to reduce this speed to an equivalence of about 100 Kv. Now there are 100Kv INrunner motors that sell but it is more expensive but on the other hand no more need for gearboxes…
Read the different post before you start and in order to choose the right elements of your board.
Let the professionals correct me if I’m wrong…
Thank you.

Does it make such a difference? I really dont wanna use a gearbox, either to keep costs down and to make it more simple since its my first build. What if i use that alien power 80100 80kv? Would that be good in salt water?

Yes it makes the difference : 56114 or 56124 will probably not work with a propeller , not enough torque : a gearbox 5:1 you will x torque by 5!
Maybe a 56200 with a good propeller
Proven motor :
65152 inrunner
FL motor :+1:

Don’t built cheap , built smart , it is not a rc toy :wink:


80100 with a bit of preparation will handle salt water without any problem … but flush it with fresh water after use.

Settled on building a jetboard for now… its much simpler for me to build and I may be putting a gas engine in there since im a mechanical engineer and i don’t really understand all those amp draws, current draws, voltages etc. And since i have plans of a couple hours riding the battery and charging times would just not suit me.
Also, any foil and mast combo I found it above 600€, and at that price i’ll fuel up my jetsky and fly all day long, so until this thing becomes affordable, i’ll build a jetboard and keep you updated.

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Hi @Blackdavid I know you are going jet drive but if you did want to go Efoil direct drive there are new waterproof motors out there - its a long thread at this stage but if you look over at the 65150 Motors Thread you’ll see a lot of people are going direct drive - no gear box - with the Flipsky 120kV Waterproof Motor Flipsky120kV Motor. It might help make your build easier if you ever wanted to start it up again. Other alternatives are the 70131 Motor which is cheaper but less tested and an older version did fail under test but that was a while ago. Hope it helps!