Quanly D70L165 Water Proof Brushless Motor for E FOIL

Quanly In-runner brushless motor series,they are developped for Surfboard,Hydrofoil,Water-bike,Boat,the motor diameter from 65mm to 155mm ,the length from 100mm to 220mm,the power from 1KW to 30KW,including water-proof and liquid-cooling version,can work on encode, hall sensor and sensorless mode,the motor case use light,high strength 7075 alloy with blaster and black hard anodize,can prevent from Oxidation and corrosion,Quanly motor use high quality ball bearing and the rotor with good dynamic balance,they are very quiet and low vibration, the stator lamination,magnets and copper wires are used top quality material available in marketing, the motor can work with high power density,high RPM , high efficiency.

We have built a marine motor test cell;

It allows us to monitor current and voltage and now RPM and thrust.

If you send us a motor / propellor combination, I would be happy to test and to provide the results.


Can you show the test results for this motor with a propellor fitted?

Oooooo interesting, it seems you forgot to take the original manufacturers name off in some of the photos :rofl:

Thank you.

What propellor was used for this test?

I would be VERY interested to see the propellor that is effcient at 12,000 RPM.

Was the test conducted in a tank of water where the water flow onto the propellor was relatively slow? Or was the test conducted on a vessel where the water flow onto the propellor increased as the RPM increased?

What propellor was used?