Quick-and-dirty 63100-build from east germany

Unfortunately I don’t have completely accurate data as I can’t remember when I breached the prop and not. I would need to re-do this when I get a chance.

So this was achieved with a 6" pitch prop on 14S (as far as I know).
That would mean ideally you would need 6015rpm with no slip. Considering a 130Kv motor has and ideal RPM of 7644 at full voltage, this seems completely plausible. I’m not sure why guys are trying to go under 100Kv for their motors. Our uses are very different to a standard boat model.

I guess, guys are afraid of 55kph :smiley:

Right, we had very good result with 120-140kv motors good efficiency good top speed no need for 14s unless you want to reach 50km+ which we dont :rofl:

The formula you gave is correct, but you didn’t take into account that the bladeangle in a given propeller changes continously from root to tip, depending on the distance from the center of the rotation (local radius). So the “r” in the formula is not just the half of the propeller diameter (at the tips) but the said distance from the center.

In a first approximation (propeller design) the pitch of a propeller is a constant value from root to tip and the local blade angle changes accordingly from root to tip. For some reasons, mostly to prevent cavitation, the 2nd approximation is a slightly diffenrent distribution of the blade angle near root and tip.

Congrats! You made it! Very smooth low riding, that motivates me, i will order this foil, 63100 is already here.
one question: At the mast clamp, is the step in diameter where the motor begins intended?

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That Foil is amazing. With my 80100 and my first tested Propeller, i need a bit more power than @kotnascher, but still under 2kW
1,5kW was lowest i could manage flying. After about 30-40sec the Wing got slower and stalled.
Cruising on 44V and 40A was easy going.
I still need to optimize my prop, i am sure i could get close to Julian’s consumption

Good Question, eagle eye.
There is no spezific reason for that and it’s on my improvement-list. The origin file is from superlefax’s 80100-mastclamp, which is capable of adding a duct. I think that’s why there is this tiny little step which never would catch somebodys eyes;)

:champagne::champagne::champagne: Congrats meiner, hope to see you soon on one of our warm lakes


Hello Julian, beautiful work for two months. Congratulations. How many kilograms do you have? (your person) Do you think this engine would carry me? - I have 91 kilograms.

85kg + 8kg backpack (gin, tonic, and beer) one time. I think my board could lift around 100kg


great, that’s amazing.:slight_smile:

I would like to have some opening in the bell to let the cooling water which has passed the stator let out. It should be at the most outer diameter to spill out sand and debris and develop some underpressure while volume flow is limited. The inner surface of the rotor should be lathed and perfect, this counts as well for the endbell which is no issue with the 63100 compared with 6384PG and others as it has no spokes which would need special treatment for hydrodynamical optimization.

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Thats a good idea! Do you think drilling holes vertical in the bell will develop enough underpressure? maybe drilling them in a certain angle (like a paddle wheel) would work better?

Yes, lets keep it simple, to make it symmetrical and precise i draw this fixture.

I will print it out and test it. Afterwards i will release the fusion file.


63mm diameter motor: the propeller hub flush with the motor body is probaby an advantage too. See also FR prop hub flush with motor OD :


Here is a link to the prop adapted to 63100 geometry:
I print it with the trail downwards without any support. PETG with 250°C/65°C, 7mm brim on glass bed, 0.15mm. Without the need for support the printout is much cleaner, almost ready to use.


Here is a link to the fixture to drill 2 symmetrical holes radial:


Seeexy! I will check this one out as soon as possible. Thx

Here i found my lathe is not correct levelled:


I think I want to try the 63100 motor also. Is there a mast clamp file that we can print ? And the rlboards hydrofoil comes with a Standard wing ? Or did you use a more slow wing ?