Vesc 6 feasible alternative?

did anyone knows, or have contacted trampaboards to ask, if the VESC6.4 is suitable for an electric hydrofoil?

I am into free software and I’d prefer something that is open hardware with free software as firmware but I can not tell alone if the VESC6.4 is good for us.

Before contacting trampboards I guessed it is worth it to ask here.

Well, Trampaboards is just the vendor.
Search the forum, there is already quite a lot information about the VESC.
What do you mean by suitable?
I guess it depends on your build. The original from Trampa supports 12S and 50A (when used on a skateboard with aircooling and brake). So maybe without the regen/brake you can go up to 13S or even 14S and with better cooling you maybe can go beyond the 50A.
The pure hardware specs can be found in the datasheet of the components, since you stated that it is open source, you can just google it. E.g. the direct-Fets support up to 60V and 345A @25degree (but keeping them at 25 degree while you have at least 180W heat losses would be quite complicated…)

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For suitable I mean:
following the pacificmaister build and BOM, but changing only the Seaking using the VESC 6 will the motor work, or will it burn the VESC?

I am a noob in electronics, but your suggestions to search the components is pretty good!!! Tnx.

For example searching for the cable the VESC6 uses the XT90, I found these but there are XT90 cables rated 14awg and some that looks like not even 8awg.

I did searched the forum, but I did not found the definitive answer, Pacificmaister wrote that one day we all will switch to VESC here so I am just wondering: why wait?

The batteries pacifimaiser suggest in the BOM arrive at 44.4V the VESC6 is rated 50V.

I am just too ignorant at the moment to understand all this, but I would love to have the possibility to really program the esc of the foil, not just use presets.

Since VESC 6.4 is out, not a single one is burnt. Thats because of all the safety updates. But that does not mean that it have to work. The VESC cuts power when getting too hot, or too high amps, or too high ERPM, or, or, or…
So I don’t think someone can answer this question without knowing what your system needs. Look at the SeaKing, lot of people are using them but at some setups they fail, at some they work.

Well, Trampa solders XT90 to theirs because they think for skateboards 50A cont is quite much and XT90 is for 90A so they have a bit more safety. But basicly you can use any connector and I would suggest 10AWG or 8AWG.

Since VESC6 the software allows much more modular hardware. So there are already Mini-Versions of the VESC (for 40V and 20A) and also really big ones with IGBTs (600V 600A) and there are quite a lot people working on versions with multible Fets for high current and/or high voltage.
So people wont be limited to 50V and only one direct fet, but e.g. 150V and 150A (post #8)

The batteries are 12S, so they are rated for 44,4V, but fully charged they got 50,4V. The VESC6 is rated for 3S-12S so that should be fine.

makes it much easier to debug too. The VESC gives you Phase and Battery currents. You can see how many amps are drawn from the battery and together with the remaining cell voltage you can calculate the remaining capacity…


Wow Giga, now it is clearer to me, thank you really!

If I understand correctly with the VESC you do not need this logger that is mentioned here by VeFoil.

I think when I am going to be ready to start an engine the VESC6.4 will be my choice, there has to be a learning curve to learn how to work with its software so better to start immediately.

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Depends on what you intend to do. The VESC does not log data itself. But e.g. it is possible to connect a bluetooth module and stream the data to the phone (and log it there). Also the VESC has no GPS, OSD or display. But there are various free GPIOs, but I don’t think that it does make that much sense to connect everything to the VESC (since it is enclosed in the board the GPS will be bad and display doesnt make that much sense). E.g. I plan to have an arduino inside my remote and have a display there and get the stream of data from the VESC.

The software is free to download and quite good described, so you can just download it and play around a little bit. Also the limits are quite interesting…

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thanks for the clarification on the logger.

I downloaded the VESC tool and you are right limits are pretty interesting.

I am have read part of the docs and it looks really fun. I like the throttle curves, I am very curios to see how it works, like if there is the possiblity to make a curve that allows full power in the beginning without having to modulate the throttle up to 5km after lift off so that is easier for beginners.

The last paragraph above is not a question, more than a fantasy, from what I understood it would make going faster harder but it has to be fun using the VESC.

I think the Vesc Six will handle the Job. 80A at 12S continuous is no issue if you can cool the housing. 120A for startup is also fine. We sold quite a few to efoil developers and never heard of one blowing up.
So far no VESC Six blew up because of overstrain. 12S is the limit! 13S is risky. One voltage spike above 60V and the thing is damaged!

We will soon make a 3-16S 300A version. Prototype parts are on their way to Benjamin. In a couple of months we will start a beta sale, so you guys will have a perfect efoil ESC available in summer.

The new VESCs will also run very high ERPMs.
2018 will be quite exciting VESC wise. Expect some pretty sweet new VESCs showing up on the horizon.



Is the 100% duty coming too?

We will see…


Keep me in the loop!

Hi Frank,
any news on the 300A Version of the VESC?

We will make it as soon as possible. Sorry for the not so precise answer.


Wow @Trampa, 1000£, really? Thats only 2,5 x of these

These diy efoils supposed to be cheaper than the commercial ones…


We don’t have a price jet. Ted just added the product onto the site in a moment of spare time.
Once we can calculate the price, we will ad the correct price tag.


@Trampa any news on the new VESC?

Special offer for the first 100 Units! Online since today.