Wing and stab recommendation for 25 knots


I’m modifying my first build to be able to run faster. I will keep the nobile mast and hiorth propulsion unit.

I need recommendations on wing and stab combo that work in high speed.

Making an adapter between mast and new fuselage looks like the best solution.

I’m 75kg, board is approx 8 and another 11kg for the batteries.


I would say the RL foil is a nice option and you can easily drill the fuselage to fit other mast

Do you mean the older Moses or is there a new one?

How is it to ride? How does it balance at speeds between 20-30knots?

I mean this wing
Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available

Many people use it here , i have it but just missing time to learn with it

To much lift

“start elevating at 15km/h with 100kg”

Maybe the liquid force thruster! Someone on this forum apparently reached 50km/h with his gear set up with the thruster. Plus, the specs say it is a fast foil.

I have it and yes, I do think this speed is possible. I must say that I did not measure it with gps but my first foil did 37km/h and this one feels a lot faster.

Do you know if there is any way to fit the thruster wings on a regular LF fuselage or do you need the profiled fuselage that comes with the thruster kit?

I think you need the hd fuselage because the shape off the wing fits in the cutout of this fuselage.

That’s what I thought! Thanks!! Also, at what speed do you usually take off with that wing?

I can take off at around 20km/h but I am only 60kg.