We are first aiming to build an electric hydrofoil board, and then build a foil with ailerons and an elevator for active roll and pitch stabilisation and ride height control.

For the board we’re starting with a large SUP, and a stick on foil mount, with a cheap foil and mast.

We’re going for a outrunner direct drive propulsion. We started out with a very small motor and have been slowly scaling up. We have also been experimenting with different prop designs which we are 3D printing in PLA.

We’re not quite getting enough power to get foiling yet, the current propulsion system is overloaded and we’re only getting around 7km/h with the current setup. Next step we’ll be moving from 6S to 12S, and a much lower kV motor, and also trying a smaller board.

We’ve also build a datalogger that can log GPS speed, motor current, motor RPM, and also force when towing the board - so should be able to get a much better understanding of the performance and requirements with this approach.