v2 - current build / prototype of Peter’s Motor (direct drive) / prototype of Nick’s VESC / Axis Foils / prototype of a Jetfoiler board / 3D printed prop and duct / LiPo 22Ah Tattu 2x6S

v1 - first build 2016/2017 / SSS 56104 500kv / Neugart PLE40 5:1 / Castle Edge HV 160 / Liquid Force / RRD K-Race 70 kite board / Prop designed in Fusion and printed in PLA /

Electric foiling is an exciting new way to “fly” silently across the water without a making a wake. Super fun to ride. If you want to ride now, you need to build one. The first commercially available electric foils are expected to hit the market in 2018.

I started my build early 2017 and documented my journey at So much fun! I have made many interesting connections and I learned a lot from other makers. We created this dedicated electric hydrofoil forum where we can all share and drive innovation forward together. I also open sourced my designs. All CAD sources are now available on this forum.

Glad you are here! See you on your electric foil soon!