>1000 Lightly Used 18650 Batteries in Michigan

Hi, I’m in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States area, and I just wanted to share that Seaview Systems in the Ann Arbor area has a little more than 1000 lightly used 18650 Lipos for sale. They are LG INR18650Mj1 3500mAh cells, which may not be the perfect cell for an E-foil, but at just a dollar a piece (and building on an extreme budget) I couldn’t pass up buying 200 of them to try out. Building a 14S 12P pack with my 65161/120KV to try out in the spring. They still have well over a 1000 of them if anyone is searching for a budget power option.


Thanks for heads up. I ended up buying some from them. Going to make 2 packs of 7S7P from them.

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