10s enough for flipsky 65161 120kv motor? (70kg rider)

Of course power will depend on riding style and conditions, but overall is 10s adequate for these parameters? Most people seem to be using 12-14s. I’m more concerned with needing increasing amperage with lower voltage. Other option is to do 16s because I can do 2x 8s in parallel, but then that might be too much power making throttle control harder.

Dude just go for 16s and adjust the trottle curve in VESC Tool.

10s enough for flipsky 65161 120kv motor? (70kg rider)

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Im interested also. I’ve got a 10s14p battery from another project that I want to just plug and play on my first efoil. So yes, while the easy answer is just use either 12/14/16s it would be great to hear from anyone who has used 10s.

I’m not interested in building the fastest efoil (yet) as this will be my first. The other electronics that I’m buying will be good for 14s for if I get around to building a battery in future.

I’m similar weight to OP.

I was trying a friends board last summer with 10s and the 120kv motor equiped with a flite propeller. I run it without any problems. I am 70kg.

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Good info here. I also a saw another post where somebody was actually using 6s. I guess I am more concerned with not if it will work, but more of the problems that go along with having a higher amp load. Things like decreased efficiency, more heat build up, more “stress” on the electronic components, etc. There seems to be very little downside to having higher voltage packs. Really just throttle curve (which I guess is adjustable with software) and possible issues with too high Kv motors (which should be fixed with the previously mentioned adjustable throttle curve). I’ve decided to go with 13s just because I found some cheap pre built packs, otherwise I would have gone with 16s which is the max my esc can do.

I’ve run a 65162 120kV at 10s for quite some time, no issues at 130kg total weight board&rider. The top speed is slightly lower but nothing else. As long as you get up the power used is quite low on an efoil.

I think for 65161 you can not take the max power 6000 watt by 10s …42v max. 120kv x 42v is about 4300rpm max…real maybe 3800 rpm…with propeller 7,5 X. 6" not high spead.
Maybe take 65111 flipsky 3000 watt 160kv

Low voltage need higher kv of the motor