10s vs 12s with 65161 120kv

I have been running a 12s12p samsung 30q with success on my efoil this summer. Recently I aquired a couple ready made 10s11p LG2170 packs.

What would you experienced builders think I can expect for performance vs my 12s. On 12s I can go over 40kmh which for me more than enough. What I am concerned about more is if I will have less punch at the start to get on foil. I am using a flite prop on a flite pro 5ft board, me 95kg.

If the weather gets a bit warmer I will do a real test soon but it may need to wait till spring here in Canada.


It depends on wing, board, skills etc but in general:

If start battery current is 60A with 12S it’ll be 72A with 10s. I guess there won’t be any issues for you, unless you’re on the border with your setup already, (and you shouldn’t be with the powerful battery, good motor and good prop.)

I’m no lighweight and have run 10s 120kV, and the foildrive people are at 6-8s voltage.

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Thanks Lars thats my feeling too at least. I’ll report back when I get a test run.