12S (50.4V) & Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V & 41 volt motor. Can it be done? (limiting out voltage)

I just received two new Rocket 5692 motors.
The motors are rated of a max voltage of 41 volts.
(Please note. This is for a jet-board setup.)

I do have here a 12S Li-ion battery pack (50.4 volts).
I have never used a Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V, ESC, but is it possible to limit the “output” voltage to the motor with it?
This, so I can use the 2 new Rocket 5692 motors in combination of my 12 Li-ion battery pack.

Thank you for any info on this.

There is no « limit » really on voltage on a motor at this level , like 42v is going to burn ?
Amp plays a lot more
Voltage is more for speed and bearing wear

But yes with vesctool you can limit Duty and erpm , so the voltage and the rpm that the motor will see

If running duty control , you set the limit to 80% and your motor will not see more 41v

But for me on a 12s this is not a problem
What kv do you use ?
Most 56mm can take 50 000rpm on bearing and shaft balance , which play more if it was a 56123 …

Édit : probably a 730kv ? 30000/41…
so just rpm limitation for bearing wear , you should not hit over 30k on load often …

That sounds like good news to me.

I was already looking at rebuilding the 12S to a 10S to limit the voltage. :-/

The 5692 motor can handle 30.000 rpm. The jet motors (2) should be able to handle this too.
Kv of the motor is 730. So theoretically 730 x 41= 29930 rpm (not loaded)
The max amps for the motor is 128 amp.

The 12S12P should be able to give (at 50.4 volts and 10C) 360 amps.

Note that I have 2 (two) motors and ESC’s in my jet board.

Voltage will not a problem , may be more cavitation at this rpm depending on the shape of the board and your water intake , take a look at the Jetski water intake upgrade plate :wink:

Leave some space on the back of your motor if you need to upgrade one day for a sss 56123 6poles …

The beast : TFL-Hobby - BL Motor SSS 56123/700KV

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Funny… I have in my old build 2 56102 motors (I think that it is the same measurements as the 56123)
I wanted to go a little bit smaller with the motors as they are heavy and making jumping harder.

Back to the voltage and the 41volt motor. So do you think I need to duty control 80%, or leave as is… The 50.4 volts. It’s only 9.4 volts more…

Or… Rebuild the 12S12P to a 10S14P (not really want to do this)

Leave your battery as a 12s , test , see rpm drop and heat on motor , then apply limite if you feel it’s necessary
But on your setup it is more amp and heat that need to be watch

30k rpm = 60k erpm

Yes. Amps and heat will be monitored continuously.
That’s one of the reasons I have a BMS inside the setup.

You need to watch motor amps! not so much battery amps. With a large rpm drop battery amps remain low and motor amps go straight up!

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To many rpm s for water jet…
Over 20000 is to much…
Greetings Frank