12s12p - is 100a continuous enough?

Hello all! I’m new to the forum, and currently have everything except the battery to get started on my build. I come from a background of building electric skateboards (an early electric skateboard I built in 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdJWcsSZG4M&t=96s), and am pretty excited to get started!

I am going to be running the Maytech 65162 direct-drive motor paired with a 12s12p 21700 (Samsung 40T) pack. My biggest question is how many amps may be needed to get foiling? Obviously it hinges on a ton of factors, but coming from skateboards where I rarely pull more than 35amps even flat out accelerating, I am a little lost.

At 165lbs I was planning on going with a 100a continuous BMS in the pack, but am starting to second guess myself thinking it could be too small. Thoughts?


100a should be enough to get out of the water, however i would already start thinking about your prop. Flying rodeo has custome made ones for our use. Btw i already saw yor video.

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I have found that on occasion my current gets to around 120A. So something in the 120A range might be a little better. Alternatively leave the BMS out of the discharge and only use it for charging…