130A leash kill switch

Just found this: https://waterblade.net/Views/ProductDetails.aspx?ID=81

Looks suitable for efoil use, might need some added finger shield at higher voltage.

Looks like a bullet proof design! However if understand the function correctly, we have full current at the “socket”, mighty be dangerous or cause some funny issues in salt water spray maybe? Maybe covering the socket with a tube sealing tight around the base maybe would cure that.

You could use a lower current, low voltage leash switch and have it trigger a beefy relay that’s in a waterproof container.

I do it other. I cut the power or signal to the Receiver and programmed in the VESC a motor stop after some milliseconds.
I am using a Reed switch mounted under the Top plate. With a strong magnet holding the leash.
When I was falling, the motor stops.
It works perfectly for my setup.

Yes, doesn’t have to be harder than that if the controller function is good (fault tolerant)

I like the idea of total cutoff off power by contactor for stopping leakage current faults, in normal conditions overkill but good for overall safety.

I am also sure more sophisticated solutions works well, but still if falling of the board, would prefer a physical total power cutoff. Water is an optimal environment for things that can go, actually goes wrong:)

Where do you program motor stopping in the VESC software? I have a problem where the motor occasionally keeps revving after throttle release and am keen to stop it!

Details in this thread. How to Enable kill switch support in Firmware 5.03 | VESC Project