14S 80A esc options

Hey Everyone been running a 6-14S flycolor esc with for about 100 hours and unfortunately finally fried it today. Always had a few problems with throttle response when battery was full topped up after switching from 12 to 14s so suspect it was right at the top of of voltage capabilities. Does anyone have any good recommendations on esc that can handle 14S 80A continuous discharge?

Hi Jerry-

No price mentioned so I will just leave this here. :slight_smile:


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Swordfish x300a is strong. I have 2 of them on different efoils and run them at 14s all the time. You may need a capacitor bank because there are no caps at the esc. I use it with 3 sss motors and 1 flipsky motor and they all run smooth. Only thing that I don’t like is the high frequency sound from the motor but I’m not sure if other esc’s are more quiet?

Have you used this one Peter?

Depending on your budget, you also have the ZTW SEAL 300Acont / 1000A (?) peak in a 155x84x35mm size:

No I have not it. If it were in budget it would be my first choice however.