14s BEC: Powering receiver and waterpump

Hello all,

As I am buying the final parts for my efoil build, I stumbled upon an issue. I’m building a 14s14p battery pack therefore all my electronic components needs to be rated for 60V+. I already bought a 22s 400a flier boat ESC which has an OPTO capability. Consequently, I need to find a BEC or an alternative to a BEC to power my 5V receiver and 12V water pump. I am currently looking at buck converters. Does anyone know if they could work? Here is an example: DC Dc Converter Voltage Reducer Regulator 72V Step Down to 12V 20A 120W CHENNIC | eBay .

I already bought a V7805W-500R CUI and it might be powerful enough to power the receiver but when combined with a 12v output, there isn’t enough current flowing to power the water pump. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

BEC = Battery Elimination Circuit.
So if you need a voltage > V battery, then the BEC will be a boost converter. If you need a voltage < V battery then your BEC will be a buck converter. If you get a more advanced UBEC they are sometimes capable/consistent of both.
So dependent the power you need for your electronics any buck converter will work.