150KV Waterproof IP68 Inrunner Brushless Motor 65111


Where did you find this model
ÉDIT : https://www.gd-hgl.com/collections/flipsky-motor/products/waterproof-ip68-sensorless-brushless-motor-65111-for-efoil-ejet-electric-surfboard-hydro

And the price is half from the Flipsky :shushing_face:

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Seems promising, but has a high resistance

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Yes. you can find it on that website.

Bad design , how we are supposed to run the wires and fix it to a mast clamp ?
Just a outrunner in a can , put the wrong way for its application …
probably working but it is shame they don’t think about the design


Hi Alexandre. I’m so sorry to confuse you.
It’s inrunner brushless motor. Applicable to Electric surfboard/ Electric yacht/ Electric kayak/ Electric hydrofoil boat…ect

No worry :wink: I think you are talking about the same things, and I really think it is a outrunner in a can
These are no tap holes to mount this , how do we hold this motor , even for a e paddle …

yes at least it looks like this one is not designed for efoils… wrong cable setup…and only 1500W cont. output power… Won`t work for most efoil setups;-)
I think the reachert/maytech is much more practible for efoils, however it has problems with the water seal at the shaft. A friend just detached it and saw there is a lot of abrasion and water leak, after only about 10hours usage!

Can you provide electrical diagram (rpm, I, V, torque) and photos of the inside ? I won’t buy if I don’t see the inside (need to see rotor and stator). In fact, most of us won’t either…

Hi Alexandre,

The tap holes are on the side.

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Thank you for these , have you « made »this ?

Ok , sorry, inrunner conception : why only choosing a 40mm length , it cannot be made longer ?

Hello Ling.
Why don’t you exit the shaft on the other side of housing? Then it would be usable. Right now not usable because wires are exit housing at wrong end.


We designed it according to our propeller. :grin:

Hi Toto.

Thank you for your suggestion.
May i know why you want to designed it for this way?:wink:

And what product do you use?:smile:

because if you saw all of what we build all the wires are in the rear of motor …for cable it come from the mast…

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Hi Sniper, this motor wire have 850mm, can i push it backwards. Is wire length is workable for efoil tube? Like this picture.

Wires need to be 1.2m long and they need to exit the housing of the motor from the other end to be suitable for efoil

Thank you so much. Luke

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