18650 Battery Box options

I know this might be a struggle for some trying to build their own battery units, so I thought I’d start a thread that focused on the actual battery case. I have been hunting for a decent quality waterproof case that is small enough to fit into the hatch of my board. Peli-cases and the like are too large and not really designed for this purpose.
Here is one product that does meet the requirements: http://www.appbattery.com/product/ej48v15a-electric-car-lithium-48v-15ah-battery-box-power-plastic-shell-battery-car-18650-battery-waterproof-box/

The other option is to DIY the case, but its not exactly easy.


same conclusion as you, i cannot find a good waterproof case for my 18650, so i decided to go with 2 small case and built two 6s18p

How heavy is that pack and whats the current dimensions?
I’m also thinking about battery configuration - I’m leaning towards 18650s as well but laying them down and double stacked.

It’s not a pack, its just the enclosure. The dimensions are in the drawings.

Will your hatch be waterproof? If so, you could just make a box out of acrylic that is decently water resistant so that if your hatch leaks, your battery will remain intact.

I’m still looking for that perfect box …

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Polycarbonate is better as it is not as brittle.

Perfect waterproof battery box? Did you see this already?