2 Jets 1 Motor fun

So I have 2 jet impellers and 1 motor lying around that I have not used on anything. Therefore I decided to design a unit that utilises the parts. Here is the first iteration of what I have come up with:


Nice. How would you drive them? A miniature dual output helical gearbox would be ideal. Not sure if there is such a thing? Belt drive would be “simple stupid”.

I’ll probably start with simple direct drive gears made from delrin. If they work well then great, if they don’t I’ll move to a heavier material like aluminium. I don’t really see a need for helical gears. I can gear the motor down slightly to only put 16000rpm through the impellers. A belt drive would mean I need tensioners which I’d like to avoid.

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nice idea! How does this one look like from topview? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Might match this foil:




Bahahaha “Special” mast clamp design coming shortly. I even know where the water inlet pipe will be :wink: