2 remote waterproof for sale🤙2.4 and 433 mhz

Hello rider! I want to sell my remotes ! She’s waterproof and works great since my begining.
So one is the maytech remote for eskate and i waterproof it very nice with her rx who have confomal coating ! For 65 euro shiping coast dépend about the country and the expeditor :call_me_hand:

And the second remote is from this forum
With gps and max speed distance and ampli from Vincent braillard who do a very good job very nice features with water sensor ampli sensor speed regulator iq charge and 433mhz frequency . Non problem work very well!!
150 euro same the first shiping depend you’re coutry :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Maytech remote sold :call_me_hand:

Free shipping for my last remote🤙