2019 VESC-Tool release

The 2019 VESC-Tool is about to arrive!

For 2019 Benjamin has packed a nice present for the community.
Hopefully next week we will see a release of the Mobile VESC-Tool in the play store.
The new VESC-Tool is super convenient to use and is prepared to work seamless with upcoming hardware releases. Everything is fully automated and in consequence the complete setup is now nailed with 3 to 5 clicks only. Setting up a dual or quad drive takes just as long as setting up a single VESC.

Visit www.trampaboards.com and don’t miss out the release of the new VESC 6 Plus.

These are some of the new features you will benefit from:

  • Auto motor detection including sensor detection for all VESCs simultaneously.
  • Motor detection in FOC open loop
  • automatic and accurate current settings for motor and battery (can still be manipulated manually).
  • FW updates to all VESCs in one hit
  • Configuration of all VESCs in one hit
  • Profiles (top speed, current limits, power limits, brake etc.)
  • Profiles changeable while actually riding the board (you can’t feel the switching)
  • permanent and non permanent profiles
  • profiles are written to all VESCs simultaneously and instantly
  • Smooth low speed braking capabilities (braking close to stand still)
  • Analogue cockpit (speed, power, rpm, duty cycle, current, battery)
  • Statistics and estimated range (really accurate now)
  • Data from all VESCs is now used to calculate the values
  • Board can be given a name
  • Communication between remote, phone/tablet and VESCs simultaneously (triangular communication).
  • pairing of remote and phone/tablet to VESCs (stops others to interact with your VESC/board).
  • new remote features to allow display of values on remote
  • The new VESC-Tool is fully prepared to work with the upcoming hardware releases
  • The new VESC-Tool will be fully compatible with older hardware like 4.xx
  • Support for UAV-CAN (e.g. for multicopters and robots)
  • and many more…

NRF-Dongle: https://www.trampaboards.com/vesc-connect-nrf-wireless-dongle-p-26767.html


Can we update vesc-tool for the new hardware for still using it with a pc/Windows (usb connection)?

Thank you

Sure! It is compatible with all Hardware 4.xx till latest.The desktop Version is available on

As they are both working with the VESC, what is the difference between the Metr Pro bluetooth module + SW and Vesc-Tool + NRF-Dongle (telemetry features like a feedback on remaining battery charge, motor and ESC temperature, accelerator …)
With the NRF dongle, do I have the same display and data as the metr.at solution ?

Which solution is the most useful for efoil development and use ?

The VESC-Tool mobile is a full scale VESC-Tool with nearly all features and RT-Data display, profiles etc.
It is a powerful tool and OS. If you have android, it is pretty much all you need.

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