2021 Travel Goals

Anyway you slice it, 2020 sucked. While I’ve struggled to maintain gratitude at times a positive outlook helps any situation. Who’s going where next year and even if it’s questionable if you can do it, post it and set an intention and remind us all of when we could (and when we can) travel unimpeded.

For me it’s:

Texas! Family and foiling with Ericfoil and the TX posse.

Hawaii again, Oahu or Kauai or finally seeing my Maui internet friends. I have air miles ready to go. (this one is likely first due to HI’s excellent covid response.)

Florida - My wife wants to escape the cold…of SoCal lol. So next winter FL peeps be ready for us to come work and foil in So FL.

SF for winging and good food!

As for others coming in, I’d love to see some of you guys make it to LA. @FoilingNY FoilTheWorld, and Erik A from the Progression Project would be cool to host at our breaks and BBQ’s.

Where you wanna/gonna go when this crap is over?

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Great note! Happy holidays @Surfcowboy. I’d love to come visit when all of this is over! Maybe I can foil my first ocean wave with you in 2021! :slight_smile: Thanks for the invite to foil.zone and I look forward to 2021!

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i got time off last week of Jan…yaaaay!

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Namotu to foil Lefts and Pools :call_me_hand:

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