2022 liquid force mast hollow?

Hey I can’t seem to find anything telling me weather this last is hollow or not there is a top plate that is glued/welded on so I can’t just quickly check id rather not cut a hole in the aluminum until I know if it’s hollow or not. If you have any experience with this wing set/mast I’d love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

Surely it’s hollow? You can check the weight vs the density of alu and verify

Definitely hollow. Does it use 3 screws or is that a drill hole?

It uses 2 holes but the 3rd one I believe was threaded

And that middle hole/screw has a bottom that I can see about 6in down

Have you asked the manufacter? Model year 2022 so recent product that they should be able to tell you.

Ok sounds good I’ll give them a call tomorrow!

Or you just weigh it and verify yourself?

well, the problem that I’m running into is how deep is it not hollow because it obviously isn’t from the top or bottom so somewhere in there it is but how deep will I either have to drill or cut hence I was looking for someone that has experience with that mast.

OK, you can weigh it on a gram sensitive scale, then dip it in water, check how much volume of water is displaced , then it’s as simple as to calculate it vs the density of alu.

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I recently just got done drilling through a liquid force mast. I believe it is the same model as yours. The top mounting plate is bolted and glued on so I was unable to remove it. I drilled through the center portion and I had to buy a longer drill bit to get through it. I believe there is about 5 to 6 inches you have to drill through.