2023 New Arrival Efoil Surfboard From China

We are a specialized power ,electric,gas,efoil surfboard maucfactures.We have more than 10 years of experience surfboard.To perfect service, to meet the customer needs of all kinds of customer concept, the company advocates good after-sales service, common progress with customers, the concept of win-win cooperation,to provide every customer with high-quality products, one-stop procurement and the most professional technical services. We also welcome more overseas orders.

If you are interested in it,please contact me Email ID: JamesZeng@yuhuan-med.com

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Watch out this is SCAM!!!
Look at the videos… They use waydoo videos and show different boards! I doubt you will get anything if your order there!

hello,don’t worry.We can customize our own surfboard. our surfboard of the material is
Mast, fuselage, wing and stabilizer materials: carbon fiber.

well the links you posted were definately scam! So now that you have removed the links above does not make your product better… There will be people who order one of yours, but I hope more & more people notice that buying without liability is a big problem for such kind of products…

Please don’t spread rumors. You don’t have to buy our products, but please don’t spread rumors. Good products don’t need you to tell them what to do!

Ok I understand but the buying links you posted showed clearly a waydoo board and as well Hisun Boards from China for a price of 4000€, and sorry this is no rumor this is scam! So I hope most users here can decide themselves… what to believe :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure this is a scam, it’s probably just a marked up Hisun board/boards. Everyone wants in on the efoil action, but a limited number of factories have the skills to really get it right, so loads of resellers appear.

thank you for you sincerely command.We are
a specifically Carbon fiber Motor fairing,efoil surfboard manufactures .We have own design logo TAME BILLOW.

Hi. I am totally independent of this company and imported two of their model boards into New Zealand for trial. In some ways they were “projects” in that I did a lot of finer finishing to bring the boards to the standard that I wanted … such as adjusting the hatch locks so they worked as intended, etc. The experience has not been fault free by any means, but they did send out a replacement remote to me when one failed, and likewise no hesitation to send out a replacement ESC when one become faulty. The photo here looks the same as the boards (but not the foil/mast/motor assembly) that I imported. I have found this board to be very forgiving in the chop and for beginners as the board pops up easily on touchdowns. The foils on the boards I imported also proved to be more stable than the originals on Waydoo e-foils, to the point I purchased a set and converted my Waydoo over to use Yuhuan-med’s foils (I posted on this earlier). But the foils on this new e-foil are different so I cannot comment on them.
An advantage of the two boards that I have is the simplicity of the design WRT to comms … there is no handshaking required that is not sealed in the various receiver/ESC bricks. I mention this as I have used these boards over a year in sea water (I try to get out at least once each week, sometime three times) and still going … whereas I had to retire my (older model) Waydoo to fresh water use only (otherwise it regularly needed more time in the workshop than I got on the water). Of course the downside of less comms is safety … but at least it is not 400V at the battery terminals that you need to be worried about.
I am an engineer with a start up background (but not in e-foils) so I guess I am a little more tolerant of startup issues. I can see that the company will get there if they continue to improve their equipment, finishing, etc. I have not yet seen their new e-foil board other than in several videos and therefore I cannot comment on whether they have already got there.
I have been looking at purchasing their new e-foil as the ones I have are 3000W and I am now looking for a little more power (for towing ordinary foils) and a little more battery (we foiled from Sourching Bay to Oriental Bay and back this w/e, around a 16km trip, on 65% … would like a little more) which the new model should provide … but the chair of the in-house financial committee first requires our e-foil wardrobe to be downsized.
… rambling here, but also forgot to mention cost … they are one of the cheapest on the market (and made it affordable for me to get the originals and get hooked after spending much the same making my own and not getting anywhere the same time on the water).
Personally, I would suggest that the company get their e-foil out in the market and get some independent reviews through this … and also be very open as to what stage they are in the startup phase (in my field, we use to count on 20 failures a month, then 10 the next, 5 the next, etc. … are they at a <1 failure per month stage? Noting a 0 failure rate is an ideal that is very difficult to achieve in this e-foil market … especially at the lower cost market level they are looking at).

Oops, the first sentence should be “earlier model boards …”
Also on the use of picking up photos from others … not sure why this happens, but I saw this a lot when I carried out my original e-foil supplier search … very difficult to tell who was a real manufacturer or not. I also came across a couple of Alibaba sites reportedly selling Lift e-foils at unbelievable prices, along with Alibaba gold crowns. or whatever they were, suggesting they were trusted suppliers. The two scam-looking sites eventually disappeared.
I hope to post on the relative costs of the various options … build, buy low end, and buy medium end.

Alibaba Golden Crown means that it has its own factory, so it can apply for the Golden Crown image trading company when registering the platform, but it cannot apply for the Golden Crown Image trading company. As you mentioned, the problem of high price may be caused by different materials and corresponding logistics costs of the buyer’s country. If you are worried about the price, please consult our factory in Alibaba

Thank you for your sincere evaluation, if you are interested in our board, please contact me

Well I received your pm that I should not respond to “your thread” anymore… thanks for the advice but this is a free chat for DIY builders and not your excusive advertising site!.
Probably some are going the risk of ordering it, then we will know more about it. But there are now established brands like Waydoo, PwrFoil, sifly that offer boards for under 6000€ all taxes included…and it can be bought at local dealers with full warranty &liability. so I really wonder why anyone should go for the full risk of ordering 2nd class quality and no local support…

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