2024 transparent wingfoil weapon from Aqueous

Using monofilm in wingfoil wings is not new as Reedin did it in 2021 with their Superwing X made of X-Ply. Here, the material seems much lighter…

Monofilm is back. This 4.5 sqm must be something to ride …
More info on: https://www.aqueouswing.com/
Product development: Italy / Germany
Details: https://www.instagram.com/aqueous_wing/

Behind the brand are Stefano Moris (foil and product designer) and Frank Rosin 
aka Famous Frank (kitefoil racer), who teamed up a little over two years ago to
 develop a high performance wing.
Price: 1300 for the 4.5 and 1400€ for the 6sqm including boom and leash.
Available mid November 2023.

The model is called Layline V1 and the two sizes 4.5 m 2 and 6.0 m 2 are offered.

The windsurfers among you may be familiar with monofilm, an extremely low-stretch and completely transparent film that, unlike sailcloth, cannot be folded. The material is intended to provide the wing with enormous performance potential both in light winds and when handling strong gusts, as well as a complete overview of what is happening in all driving situations. Several carbon and fiberglass slats stiffen the profile.

The frame is made of very light Dimension-Polyant P85, the front tube and strut are each inflated with 8 PSI. The wing is equipped with a carbon boom and weighs 2,755 g for the 4.5 and 3,280 g for the 6.0. The slats can be removed and the pack size is approximately the same as the length of the slat (since the material has to be rolled).

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I know nothing about this but am still doubtful as to the ”cannot be folded” part. I mean… which material can’t be folded, you mean it shatters like glass?

Not shatter but if it is pinched, it could open along the fold eventually which is very annoying.
So a material that needs to be preserved. Rolling is no problem if you have the length in your car/van. If you click on the Superwing X link above, you’ll see that Reedin did patent a foldable monofilm wing.

I can’t see how this will have much market appeal. Clear monofilm without scrim (I guess to reduce cost and weight) isn’t very durable or light compared to modern material such as Aluula

When introduced Monofilm was a huge improvement over Dacron in windsurfing but any crease turned into a permanent wrinkle and created a weak point where the material would fail easier (hence the rolling) especially as UV made the entire sail weaker.

Using obsolete material isn’t a good design decision imho.

I don’t think you can compare a 25yo monofilm with this one.
I agree on Aluula. However, you cannot have a 6sqm wing for 1400€ in Aluula unless on sale. It would cost 2000 to 2500usd_eur imho.
The Dimension-Polyant P85 fabric (frame) is not visible on Google and not on the Dimension-Polyant site so kind of secret atm. For the canopy, time and tests will tell.

I wasn’t comparing 25yr old monofilm to anything other than the Dacron materials sails of the same era.

I don’t think clear - non scrim monofilm has evolved much over time. It’s perhaps a viable material for a small window but not for most of the wing surface.
You’re correct on the price differential but having a relatively light, durable, performance enhancing wing is likely worth it to most people wingsurfing

The weight: 4.5 /6.5 = 2760g / 3280g
The price 1300€/1400€ incl VAT

OceanRodeo Aluula 2023 wingfoil wing range of equivalent surface:
Glide A series 1730g / 2200g an equ 6.5sqm costs 2550€
Glide AA series: 1570g / 2050g an equ 6.5sqm costs 3680€

Not sure what point you’re making?

You can buy an Ocean Rodeo wing for the same price with a little looking.

The weight comparison also doesn’t really tell the entire story either. I started with a Slingshot wing and the lightness in hand of the OR wing is massively different - totally different experience. I have a 5m Glide A that is extremely durable compared to any monofilm product I have ever used.

Trying to illustrate our previous conversation: cheaper than Aluula but 40% heavier, list prices from the oceanrodeo site
At the end of the season, you demonstrate it’s not true, good point. The lightest AA range isn’t on sale yet.