2170 options - Samsung 50S?

From everything I’ve seen, the new Samsung 50S 2170 cell looks like the best one out there. Take a look at the specs:

and discharge curves:

So where am I going to get these? They must be marketed for power tools, which means somewhere there is (or will be soon) a power tool battery full of them. I’ve been thinking for a while that a good way to make a pack is to put 3 of the 18V power tool batteries in series for a 15S pack. They are fairly low cost, super robust and the chargers make everything simple. The only issue is that the biggest power tool packs are 10-12Ah right now and most are with older model 18650 cells.

So, does anyone here know anything that might steer me to which brand is coming out with a battery based on the Samsung 50S?

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