2k Clear Coat Protective Gear

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I am trying to waterproof an 80100 and one of the items I purchased is 2k clear coat. I am following this tutorial. I am clearly not doing my homework throughly because the 2k clear coat arrived and has a ton of warning labels about how dangerous it is. I’m not sure I really want to use this stuff after reading about it online. I’m curious to the people who have what protective measures you have taken?


Get yourself a respiratory mask like this! It will be useful for sanding, epoxy work and everything in between. For around 40$, it is a no-brainer and I wish I would have ditched the cheap mask or cloth I was using sooner!

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Thank you! Do you wear goggles and a suit as well? I read it can be absorbed into your skin.


On Amazon it says that these are for frontline covid-19 workers only. I would not feel right ordering one now. I will have to skip the 2k for the time being and circle back on this later.

Motor / stator at 70 degrees in the oven, and then completely coat with thin epoxy (winding and sheets)
Sufficient as protection.
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70 degrees? It’s always 70 in California, Frank! :grinning:

I’m going to get a puller to remove the large bearing but will just do e-tape over the small bearings. Hopefully the heat doesn’t melt the e-tape. What do you think about using a hairdryer?

I will skip the 2K for the stator and only do epoxy. For the can I’m being suggested to use 2k as epoxy might be too thick. Any experience here? Don’t want to use 2k.

Celisus , not Fahrenheit , Please :smiley: :smiley:

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