300A 60V ESC fit into a Tube with inside diameter from 86?

Did somebody of you using that ESC?
I want to build the ESC inside a Tube with inside diameter from 86 mm.

The productspecification saying:
|Width |84mm|
|Length |146mm|
|Height |28.6mm|

On the pictures i see the ESC have not sharp corners, it seems to me it can be fit but i want to be sure!

That ESC is also branded the ZTW seal 300A. I’m not sure if anyone is using it here though.

I have the Reacher Tech which comes from the same factory. It is 83.9 mm wide and the side face is only 8mm high.
It will fit in a 86mm tube ok.

Do you have a Link for me please?

I made a batch of my VESC derived design. Without the case it fits in a 55mm tube. With the case it’ll fit in a slightly larger tube. I’d like to see someone use it.

As a VESC it has current control mode and thermal overload protection, and can do 200A at 14S for short periods.

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Whats the cost @nickw1881?

I’m not really “selling them”, though I’d like to see some of them get used rather than sit on my shelf forever. They were made to fit into a tube, so if someone has a underwater drive system i’d like to try and help integrate into that.

@Frage isn’t it what you were after ?

I’d happily put one through its paces on a normal build! I can compare it to the arc200 and swordfish 300.
Placing it in the motor pod extends the pod further back which changes the dynamics of where you stand on the board quite a bit. I prefer a shorter motor pod for this reason.

Hi, i start to construct a full underwater System. so i can use after finish evers Kitefoile.
I am stron interested in your VESC.
I plan to use this motor: https://flipsky.net/collections/e-skateboard/products/brushless-sensored-motor-amphibious-fully-waterproof-motor-65161-195kv-6000w-for-efoil-ejet-boards-ebike?variant=29267985662012

I also need to build a 12S Batterypack that fits into a 86mm Carbon Tube.

So, i am interested in you VESC :slight_smile:

Unless you extend the pod nose and mount the ESC inside…
As the pod is a lost volume, there’s also the option of mounting a cylinder between mast and fuselage ala eTakuma… and place the ESC inside…
Here this would require a 120mm (Aluminium ?) long cylinder which represents the mast chord + a pointed plug/cap.

Jezza I’ll send you one if you pay the shipping cost. Are you in USA or Europe? PM me and I’ll mail it to you.

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Yes… I will ask to @nickw1881 his price :wink:


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