36v builds? Interesting in low voltage builds

my name is Vitalii, I’m from Ukraine

I’m interesting in efoil since 2018.
After I found Waydoo on kickstarter I have decided to register on forum, because found messages here that it’s possible to make build less than 3000$ in 2020.

I’m ~85kg.
I’m interesting in build which allows me to fly on lower speed - as I understand bigger wing area allows this.
My expectations efoil - not faster than 25km/h for first time.
Area of use: lakes. rivers, maybe see.
I have 36v battery pack so interesting in builds (motor+esc) working on 30-36v. Maybe even 24v

I have 12s Lifepo4 pack (36v, ~6000mAh,BMS limited to 40A) and ordered more 32700 (50 batteries).
Battery used is 32700 format - stated as 35A continues current.

20A discharge confirmed (you could found youtube videos).
I found few topics with 36v builds already but willing to ask community


24V is probably difficult for your weight, I know people who run on 6S with 6380/63100 Outrunner but they are very light (60kg). Problem is to get enough power to get on the Foil. 36V could work. Also consider that with lower voltage you get higher currents for the same motor power.

I think with a prop size of around 180mm or bigger you would be able to get up on 36V. It won’t be high performance though…
That’s a very small battery pack and won’t run for very long at all.

At 36V you’ll need to run a prop of 180mm+.

I’m ok for start with ~15m from one battery if it’s possible.
When other cells will arrive I could build 12s3p(36v6Ah * 3) or even 16s3p(48v6ah * 3) LiFePo4.

Right now I’m trying to understand if I’m able to build something on 36v because I wanna use Lifepo4 (or even LTO later and weight even more) and they heavier then LiIon. Each 12v cost me ~600g

For example:
12s1p (36v) ~ 1800g, 16s4p (48v) ~ 2400g
12s4p (36v) ~ 7200g, 16s4p (48v) ~ 9600g
difference 2.4kg between 36v and 48v for battery 20-24Ah depends of cell quality

So, are this additional +2.5kg for the board cost the pain making 36v than 48v?

PS in our country we have a lot of gearbox from vaz or similar cars for 10-20$ :slight_smile:

Check my built , running 8s lipo ( max on my first esc) two year ago on a small 40mm motor , besides the high amp and temp it worked pretty nicely
Geared 6:1 and 130mm prop high pitch

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6Ah will get you max 10min

I could make battery with more capacity later.

Or better go to diet for week before session to be less for 2.5kg and build 48v?

I’m correctly understand that If i will have less voltage, then I should give more current from my batteries?

well, it depends on the required take-off power, assumed you need 3kW for take-off.
3000/48V = 62.5A;
@36V: 3000/36 = 83A
@24V: 3000/24= 125A
The battery needs to be able to deliver this current for the time to take-off

That’s why most setups in the forum are 12-14S (48 - 56V).

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Why you have used small motor?

Today I saw video, in which mentioned about benefits of small motor

We start very flat and our front wing uses a low EWD, which means less resistance and less power is required.
Most wings set ups have too much profile thickness and too much EWD to be efficient.
We drive with 6s 24Ah
Greetings Frank

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The diameter of my gearbox (6:1) 38mm , I had enough torque with a 40mm to motor and it was easier for cooling the gearbox and tubing the all thing
After I switch to 56mm lower kv , higher voltage to reduce amp
Them direct drive FR

Fliteboard motor isn’t small 56mm+2+2
44mm is small …

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Hello guys,
I have found that I’m able to buy new “Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V” for 161$ at all.
Looks like it good for first newbie build and should cover all my requirements (max current expected ~150A).
As I’m right? Less than 200$, not such expensive like Trampa (~500$ as I know).
I saw a lot of cons about this FSESC but I will ask additional info in corresponding topic.

Hi guys, I have found used aluminium mast for 100$ from FANATIC FLOW H9 FOIL.
Official site https://www.fanatic.com/foil/foils/windsurf-foils/flow-h9

Head: Deep Tuttle
Mast Length: 84.5cm
Mast Material: Aluminium
Fuselage Length: 75.0cm
Fuselage Material: Carbon compound
Front Wing Span: 64.5cm
Front Wing Chord: 14.5cm
Front Wing Area (Quoted): 744cm²
Tail Wing Span: 38.0cm
Wing Material: Carbon compound
Weight: 3.78kg

Full set (mast+wings) ~450EUR in Germany.

Are this aluminium mast suitable for our needs? I found only few messages regarding “FANATIC” on forum

Hi Vitalii,

This size is not for beginner or heavy people :surfing_man:


The profile has a continuous oval opening - here the 2 rods and the 3 tubes are glued in with very low viscosity epoxy - provide almost 20% more stiffness:

The two holes outside have m8 threads if you use the mast plate - if you use the Deep Tuttle connection it can be different and not so easy to get the cables into the board or box

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