3D Cad programme, which one is easy and user friendly to learn?

Hello, I am Jose Manuel. Kite and hydrofoiler since 2008 and retired telecomm engineer. I would like to download or buy if necessary a 3D Cad programme which is easy and user friendly to learn in order to design build, scale, etc. 3D pieces for my boards, etc, for example folding propellers for my self rescue boards, to print them or extrude them at home or through a CNC cloud service as Cloudcraft.com (for example). I used to use Autocad 35 years ago at the Uni, but now there must be for sure many other programmes and i am outdated on the issue. Could anyone recommend me a 3D Cad programme which fullfils the above? Which one would be best on the whole considering a non industrial user to learn it? Thanks for your help and advice, Jose Manuel, novice 3D Cad user/designer

Fusion360 personal serves me well for several years. Maybe not the easiest one to learn but you get a lot of features with the free version. Stl export is included. There are lots of tutorials and videos available as well.

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Thanks a lot sat be, i will try your suggestion. Thanks again, Jose