3D design of foil

Hi all.
I am looking to make my first foil. I noticed that while you can buy full kits I can’t see anywhere selling just the foil. That’s the main part I find difficult to make. If I make one I guess it would be easy for me to make some more and sell some on ebay. Would there be much appetite for that? The main hassle for me is the 3D software, designing the foil. I haven’t found a single foil available to download that can be CNC’ed (true parasolid rather than STL).

Do you guys have anything I can download as a starting point?

Maybe this helps

I just shared this post on the main prop and duct thread, but this helps select the proper foil (wing shape):

Hey Guys, A backer of our Kickstarter Project found a really good program for wing foils and props both air and water. It helps you designed and test everything on the spot with JAVA based program. I have not yet read through the entire site but looks interesting.

You can even select the prop surface finishes…:
NACA Standard
BUGS AND DIRT… yes, this is an option