3D models for hydrofoil wanted


As a CNC programmer i would like to make my own Wing for hydrofoil.
I would make the hydrofoil Wing out of aluminium. However i would need a 3D model for that.
Could any 1 share his model. ( It needs to be tested and working in water).

I will machine em with CNC and will send you the finished product in return if you want.

Its rly easy and fast to design wings nowdays, especially with Charlies (basic 3D shape) and Lars (importing NACA profile for the wing) tutorials. Check them out, not long and very simple, Fusion 360 (u can download student version for free).


Problem is, nice amount of NACA profiles with different characteristics, anhedral shapes, overall wing bends, shapes, thickness… Every1 has its own philosophy so its millions of combinations. Its design, test and report basically.


Hey Gorsek, how big is your Cnc ?

Hej thx for the link I already have that :slight_smile:
the bigest 1 we have are 5m in X and 2.5m in Y. Its my fathers company so i can play around with them abit on sundays when they are free :slight_smile:


I posted the wing on the link below.
It’s made to fly at very low speed.
I used it a lot with a kite, and i surf it in the waves. Surf-foiling is NOT easy :slight_smile:

Full disclosure: i tried it quickly on my first E-foil test, and it wasn’t stable.
I swapped it back for the original foilfish front wing for my second test, but i also improved the programming of my remote to make the throttle smoother, and i place the case with the battery more to the front of the board.
it got more stable. But i’m not sure if it was due to: the wing, the case placement, the remote, or just my skill improving.

So, it might be generating too much lift or not :slight_smile: i still think that it will help efficiency at low speed. I’m building a entirely new remote and new board, and i’ll be switching back to that wing to assess…

And also, instead of using aluminum, you might want to try G10 or something similar.
I think it will be lighter, easier to machine, will handle shocks better, not sure about price though…

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Hey, still looking for 3D models?
I got many.

Hello. I am also looking, while I am at the very beginning of the path. Can you send me 3d files with models?

When I first started kitefoiling I made this one to learn on which worked well.

I stretch the cord of the wings by about 25% to increase the main wing area to 850cm2, I did this in cura, just stretch in one plane.

I also tried this wing on the same fuselage and rear wing above.

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