3D Print PLA, Epoxy

Hi guys, coated my 3d PLA print with epoxy, looks good, but if I try to scrape off the epoxy layer with a knife, it’ll peel off, so it’s not connected to the PLA. What are your experiences, and which epoxy do you use?

I use XTC-3D. It definitely bonds and allows you to sand down without peeling off. And it’s finally made my prints waterproof.

Hi, i sanded my parts before applying epoxy, i did not have this experience. I used natural color PLA. What PLA are you using? And how did you treat it before? Do you have any pictures?

Sanding before epoxy is fine. I left mine unsanded as the epoxy can smooth the print. You can sand after too.

Hi PowerGlider, also tried with sanded, the same result, which epoxy do you use?

Is any China PLA from SUNLU

Are you watching the air humidity while applying epoxy? Do you know if there are requirements regarding humidity for your epoxy? I laminated a large boat deck of plywood with epoxy and glass fibre fabric. One of these glass sheets I could peel off a year later. This was because the air humidity was about 85 % rH at the time I was applying the epoxy. (The allowance for my epoxy is up to 70 % rH only.)

I sand and use west system 105 with 206(slow) harderner. This is in petg but the epoxy sticks.

Sanding is much easier if you put you thruster in the lathe. :slight_smile:


WOW. I also lathed some 3D PLA Prints, but this format is amazing.
I always use r&g. With filament world natural PLA. Sometimes black or red. Actually trying PLA+ in red color.