3D Print problem

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the print of the propeller. I print in 0,2 mm, 100% infill, 40mm/s. I turn the print but the problem is the same. Could you help me ?

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Its regular with a little bad result above the supports. Just sand it down and it will probably be smooth.

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@Hiorth. Thanks.

what kind of putty or primer on the pla after sand ?

Do you have this problem when you print propeller ?

Ain’t that bad! At all. Some sanding required, but do not smooth it out by sanding the plastic first.
Sand it a little, paint it with epoxy, thin layer, at least 2, let it cure one time Leading edge up, second layer leading edge down ( to even epoxy drips buil up over the lower side).
Then water-sand it smooth, 220grit up to 1200, finish it rubbing with a cloth untill shine.
Take some time, to speed up the process and avoid to have to “prime” first layer, don’t let it cure completely, when it still sticky but almost solid, do the second layer.