3D Printed Board

Hi all,

I haven’t started my build yet just gathering all the knowledge through this site first. I have found this site to be a wealth of knowledge. I saw a video of a guy who 3D printed a surfboard and was wondering if anyone had attempted this with an eFoil. I understand it is probably cheaper and easier to modify a windsurfer board but just curious.



way too complicate … foam shaping plus carbon fiber is the way to go … 3d print object (because of the infill) create small air pocket … with temperature fluctuation the inner pressure change …plus if there a puncture the air pocket will take water…

I thought about it and went away from it in the end. Int he back of my head I’m considering something along the lines of:

Cardboard Surfboard

Only modified to be thicker but I’m a bit off as I want to get my first one up ad running - its a cut up windsurfer.