3d printed/foam/fiberglass/carbon design. (NZ)

Hi guys,

Myself and a friend are currently working on our own design of the extremely popular efoil.

So far we have designed a board that will have a rear bolt open hatch. The back 200mm and front 100 mm of the board has been 3d printed in 6 parts and the middle is ridged foam. The overall dimensions are 1500 x 600 x 130mm and is currently been fiberglassed .

The mast and foils are also being 3d printed .

Mast-eight 100mm pieces
Front foil- four 100 and 150mm pieces
Rear foil- two 150mm pieces
Fuselage- 20x20 aluminium extrusion

Anyone want to help with electronics I’m open to suggestions?

Alien power systems are bringing out a new 58mm 100kv inrunner in a couple of weeks that could be suitable to use without a gearbox.

I have plenty of photos but I’m only aloud upload one for now.


Great project.
What is your plan to reinforce the 3D printed parts?

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Hey @frogmangeek we are reinforcing the 3d printed parts with fiberglass and carbon fiber


Great . And did you made the foil and mast plan yourself ?

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i made the mast myself, the foil is from grabcad! i will probably have to design my own bigger foil on v2

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Awesome work guys! I like the 3d print then fibreglass approach. A fellow kiwi builder here, just ordering parts for my project.

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@g.gregory8 let me know what batteries you end up buying because I am struggling with nz laws and import taxes on lipos.

Hi !
It’s can be brake on top.
Mast and the boart consol ist too week.
Put more carbon!


There is an aluminium reinforced joint going through the board. The mast will then be layered in 4-5 layers of fibreglass and 2 layers of twill weave carbon

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@DavidC I already have 2x 6S 8000mah batteries I use with my UAV setup I will use. I got these from ChinaHobbyLine, but you have to request for them to send from there US warehouse. They tried sending from Hong Kong warehouse first and it was turned around.

yeah i had 2 batteries come from hobbyking from the aus warehouse and the customs taxes where the same price of the batteries. Safe to say I sent them back to the seller.

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Hey guys, the build is coming on good!

3d printed mast in PLA with 4 layers of fibreglass is extremely strong! Still 2 layers of carbon to go on it :wink:.

Board and foils are also coming along really well, we are taking our time and still looking at electronics.

Cheers, David.


photos attached below!


Great could u send us more pictures of mast and foil ?
I didn t understand why u printed front and back of the board ? is this to have space to put electronics?


Hi there, the reason for printing the front and back was because the board is fully designed by myself.
printing the front and back and then gluing them to a block of foam in the middle gave starting curves to then replicate through the board. the rear of the board also has a hatch that in inset into the board and houses the electronics. yes I would be happy to send more mast and foil pics when they are finished.

cheers, David.

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@DavidC, Wow, you are a pro, Great work :star_struck:
Regards Flex :smile:

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@DavidC I think I’m going to do the same, I.E carbon fibre over 3D printed centre.

How is the flex of the mast?

How’s your build going?

Hey Glen,
My build is going good , so far the mast has 4 layers of fiberglass and is really strong. Two layers of carbon too go should take all the bend out of it.

Try trade me for fiberglass and carbon ! There is a cheap supplier in panmure. 40$ per meter carbon and 65$ for 10 m of glass.

Let me know if you need any more info .


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Hey @DavidC,

Im a 16 year old from Wellington starting on my own Efoil build. Loving all the progress you’ve made so far. Do you think you could please post the links to the STL files for the mast? Im also building the foil from scratch and your idea looks like it works really well and id love to give it a go. I was planning on shaping the foils themselves out of foam and then glassing/carbon fibre over the top.

Thanks for the updates,