3D printed seals

Hi all!

Anyone tried to 3d-print seals or gaskets with flexible filament? If so, was it successful?

I am thinking of 3d printing a “hardshell house” for my remote with 3d-printed seals.

I haven’t tried it but don’t see why it should not work.
Did you print flexible filament yet? If not keep in mind that it can be hard with a bowden-style printer, you may need to modify it slightly and fine tune the print settings to get a good print.

Nope, have not tried it yet. Still just idéas. I am using a Zortrax M200 printer and the flexible filament is a standard Zortrax-material.

I will post some results here if I go for it.

If it works it would be an easy way to waterproof the remote, I think.

Ok, that is a good printer :+1: try it!

But in my opinion designing and printing a fully custom remote is almost easier than waterproofing an existing one, at least it will come out way less bulky - and you have full control over the features.