3D Printers Recomendations and what to look for

I’m planing to buy a 3D printer and would really like some help with finding one affordable but no crap…
Maybe you guys have some tips?
I’m quite sure a LOT of us are in the need for one right :smile:

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I use a CR10, works well. have a look at some on youtube

I use an anet a8 , you will need to do some mods and customisation to get it dialed in but once it’s good it’s pretty good for the price.

If you have money to spend get a lulzbot TAZ 6 .
Plug and play and they are meant to be awesome .

Cheers, DavidC

Anet A8 upgraded with bowden setup and some printed frame stiffeners and belt tensioners. As result, you get high speed and high print volume in under 200USD with big community, spare parts and printables backup. At the moment, I would go to other printer just for volumetric upgrade.

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Agreed!! That’s what I have without the Bowden! I have the parts but haven’t installed because my printer is too busy haha

Bowden is critical to get your printer less busy as you can double the print speed. Do not forget to put some thermal paste on cool side of heat break thread and never use over 5mm on retraction (I use 2mm on PLA with E3D V6 bowden clone). Those 2 tips could save me a week of doom and fails.
To OP: Bowden setup on any 3D printer will be the logical point you will come to, sooner or later. If the printer you choose has no bowden originally, plan to ad one to your 3D expense list.

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Have a look at the Formbot TREX2+ 400 x 400 x 700 dual extrusion with a dual hot plate , that is the machine I bought for foil printing , had it a few weeks calibtating and setting it up awesome machine and at a fantastic price. Their facebook group offer fantastic support , no snarky dickheads , every one helps with queries.

They also have a single extruder called Raptor , which I am thinking to buy to print my mast to board and fuselage to mast supports – Nylon Carbon Fibre 20 …

Newbie with 3DP wanting to get some advice.

Need a fully enclosed unit for a few reasons. Obviously, the larger building area, the better, but how small can you go for this project?

Would a 140x140mm area be enough to print parts for prop/duct?

Looking At FF Guider 2 or a Robo R2 at this stage.

may I ask why fully enclosed?If you want ready to go fully enclosed and have the money to spend i would go with ultimaker and makerbot!
My anet a8 200 dollar printer is also fully enclosed in a mdf wooden box that cost 40dollars from a hardware store.

Wife acceptance factor, noise and prying hands/paws that can get onto the hot surfaces.

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oh I get you now. ultimaker and makerbot are “visually pleasing” and are fully enclosed and work straight out of the box.
but again the price is quite high.

note, when printing PLA the surface is only 60degrees. I can keep my hand on it for 20 seconds. ABS is another story,
100degree bed can be sore when you are doing printer repairs while it is 5hours into a print.

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I purchased a Wanhao duplicator i3 plus and I’m very happy so far. Doesn’t look too bad either and the WAF was quiet high in my case.
Fabricating an enclosure out of thin plywood or plexiglass with 3D printed supports would be absolutely doable.


Once you get your design nailed down in 3D just send files to China we are working with a great CNC shop with 10 day turnaround, and get parts back perfect 6061 aluminum, smooth, and anodized for $30 a part including shipping when you ship all parts together. Then you have something that will last, is smooth to eliminate seals from leacking, and be super durable.

Abby Xiao (Sales Dept)
Runsom -Precision solution

M:+86 188-2649-1491
P:+86(755) 8956-5370
F:+86(755) 3309-6758
Skype: sales2@runsom.com


Do you mind sharing contact details for these guys?

Its posted above Jezza :slight_smile:

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Any new and affordable models on the market worth considering suitable for this type of projects?
# Prusa i3 MK3S seam to achieve good reviews ?

Creality Ender 3 is great.
My new drive unit is made out of delrin though. It’s properly water resistant and with a small CNC its way faster to cut than using a 3D printer.

Thanks. That is really affordable! Creality3D Ender-3 pro High Precision 3D Printe only like 203 eur.

My main purpose for 3D printing(assuming as have no experience) would be to use for testing, design and prototype. Dont think will find that much use as a direct 3D printed parts, most of what i do needs probably more strength than can be achieved as printed. But work well as a plug for a mold.

Any suggestions for an easy to learn software that would work well with Ender?.

I have the anycubic i3. This printer has a very good quality and is printing very good for the money you have to spent on. I bought it for 250 euros and it’s still working and it’s still working perfect after 1000h of use. The print quality is much better as most of us will need.