3d Printing a hydrofoil

Has anyone tried 3d printing the foil and putting metal reinforcement on the inside and fiberglass coating on the outside? It would be potentially very cheap and it could be mounted to an aluminum mast.

Does anyone have any accurate 3d models of surf foils?

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Hi there, the idea is great, if you want to experiment, go ahead.
Yoo can look at the fifth most recent thread on the forum: Another wip mostly 3d printed - Builds - FOIL.zone .
There have been several others sharing their foil design, you might want to search this forum. There are many good builds here.

I’m about to post all my files of my printed foil and mast, Does anyone know the easiest website to post the download links on?

I like https://grabcad.com/ however https://www.thingiverse.com/ is also a good website.

Okay looking into them now and I will make a new Post Called Austin’s Build that will include all the files and how I printed them by the end of the day. I had to try many angles and support structures.


Have you shared them already in some other post?

Thank you.

Looks like he posted them HERE but the thread does not say if it worked.