3d printing of Pacificmeister, what is the scale? Once downloaded they are huge


Supercool I found you guys.

After downloading the .stl files, I openen Makerbot (and Cura) and opened the files. The drawings are huge, they do not fit onto the building plate … What is the reduction scale?



Try 25.4 :1
Metric / imperial conversion as a start. if not ???

I’m based in Belgium, we have cm and mm here.
Is it still “25.4:1”
Anybody in EU who is also printing the STL files?
Or is there an export function in “Fusion360”


Yes, in Fusion 360 you can click on each body and export it witch choosing “save as stl”. You can even link your slicer application path, then it opens the object directly in your slicer after saving it (works with Simplify3D).

@sat_be I have done this (exporting STL, and opening in Makerbot) but the part is then too big for the printing platform … Therefore my question about the scaling …

Here you see my problem …

Are the settings in fusion 360, makerbot or cura perhaps in m instead of mm?
I downloaded many of the files and imported them directly into cura and never experienced this. Did you try to download the STL file and drag it directly into cura?


No … all settings in MM …
Do not know what to do.
It’s the same when I try to upload it to 3Dhubs, also huge …
Somebody out there who can help?

It’s actually only with the prop and the duct. Rest is fine … (even stranger)

Interestingly I have the issue now as well, i printend them before and did not had this before. But trying some scales my best guess would be a factor of 10

Yes, you have to scroll to 10%.

But who can tell for sure? We are talking here about 1/10 of a mm with wobbling axes … and leakage … Every MM counts …

Yes, but after testing and printing with a 10% scalp the helix and duct are fine and match each other…and are not the only one on the forum to have done so…


Thanks. Will give it a try
Reason for my question was that I could not find the answer on the forum …