3d Printing Propellers

Been attempting to print Propellers. I was able to print folding ones without supports and worked well. On a normal 3 blade prop, it’s impossible to print without supports and using PETG which I am not a fan of, supports have been fusing to prop. What are your recommended settings? Been increasing support Z distance. At 3mm now and currently printed to see how that works. I appreciate any help. I prefer printing in pla+ but have heard they don’t last in the water?

PLA+ is not that bad, might not last as long as a comercial prop, but mine only broke when I hit driftwood. I print them with support angle high enough to prevent support underneath the blade (apart from the bottom). See here:

Lots of sanding after printing.


Ok thanks. What angle overhang do you use support? Which prop is this? You using it on 65161 motor?

It is a 2 blade flight prop, I’m still experimenting with. The one I used for some time with a 63100 motor is Volkers prop: 6384 3d printed propeller - #2 by leachim
Exact overhang angle I don’t remember, just try and error slicing until there is no more support. Around 60 - 70 degrees.

Maybe you should try printing (and testing) a “Bionic Propeller” too?

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WezeLNC32sA