3DP lost die for epoxy

My next duct i plan to die cast. So i want to print a lost die cast with inner and outer shell, or even more parts, add carbon or glass fibres and epoxy to get a very rigid but thin walled duct with low induced losses.
Now i am looking for the best material to print with. PVA seems to be easy to print, HIPS seems to have better stability. What is you experience for use as support material?

I have no clue what a “lost die” is, but I just used a PVA cylinder for casting the spaces between the magnets of my 80100 motor. It prints just like PLA as far as I can tell and works well for casting even with just one single layer it was tight. Dissolving is very easy, just submerged it in a bucket of warm water for ~24h. You could speed it up by exchanging the water with new warm water several times or stir it. If the whole thing isn’t soaked in epoxy too much it is dissolved in a few hours if not too thick.
As far as I know you need limonene to dissolve HIPS, and that is like 30€ per litre.

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That was disappointing. This PVA is more like a rubber, softer than “Soft PLA”. I ordered here: PVA – Neutral – 500 g auf Spule – 2,85 mm | Experten für 3D-Drucken | ReprapWorld DE
Where did you order yours?

I used this:

It feels pretty much like normal PLA.

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Thank you, i will try next week.
The stuff i have behaves strange. It looks as if it is torn apart in itself and if i tear it apart there are fine filaments. If i just let it ooze out of the nozzle, it looks great, but the shearforces while printing it does not like.